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Holistic Genevieve [HG] is a progressive leader in the Health & Wellness industry, promoting a holistic approach and natural treatment options that honor the individual and put mental, spiritual and physical health first.

Led by Genevieve, a CIDESCO-certified Master Skin Care Specialist, HG offers a range of services to treat the mind, body, and soul,
including local, mobile and virtual skin care treatment options,
energy medicine, and intuitive healing.

                                                                            My skincare journey

                                                        My Journey to Becoming a Holistic Skin Care Specialist

My journey to becoming a holistic skin care specialist has been one filled with challenges, growth, and ultimately, a deep sense of purpose. From struggling with acne in my early teen years to finding my calling in helping others achieve healthy, radiant skin, every step along the way has shaped me into the practitioner I am today.

I vividly remember the years of frustration and despair as I battled persistent acne well into my mid-twenties. Desperate for a solution, I tried countless skincare products marketed as acne remedies, only to be disappointed time and time again. It wasn't until I met an esthetician by chance that my perspective on skincare began to shift.

Lea, the compassionate esthetician who would become my mentor, taught me invaluable lessons about healing my skin from the inside out. Together, we navigated through trial and error, discovering what worked and what didn't for my specific skin concerns. Her generosity, often providing services at discounted rates or even for free, was a lifeline during a time when my confidence was at an all-time low.

Years later, after a successful career in the medical field, I found myself longing to return to my passion for skincare. It was during a simple moment of giving my daughter a facial that the realization hit me like a bolt of lightning—I wanted to pursue a career in holistic skincare.

With a newfound sense of purpose, I enrolled in a master esthetician program and embarked on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Armed with knowledge from both my medical background and holistic health practices, I was determined to revolutionize the way skincare was approached.

My time working in a medical spa exposed me to the invasive treatments and damaging procedures that left clients with temporary results and often long-term damage. Witnessing the disconnect between the beauty industry's promises and the reality of skincare, I knew I had to do something different.

After the birth of my son, I made the decision to open my own skincare practice, where I could offer a holistic approach to skincare that prioritized education, clean products, and energy medicine. Through virtual sessions, I've been able to empower my clients to take control of their skin health from the comfort of their own homes.

My "pay what you can afford" approach to pricing reflects my belief that everyone deserves access to quality skincare, regardless of their financial situation. I've been blessed with guidance and support along my journey, and now it's my turn to pay it forward.

The beauty industry may be rife with high prices and toxic products, but I'm committed to being a force for change. Together, let's revolutionize skincare and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to look and feel their best.

Healing your skin is possible—it just takes patience, consistency, and the right guidance. And I'm here to support you every step of the way.

With love and gratitude,

Holistic Genevieve



To lead with integrity, making holistic skin care, health and wellness options accessible to the public and transforming the way we think about esthetics, health and beauty.


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To touch millions of people around the world, bringing awareness about holistic treatments as a path to health, wellness, and feeling great about yourself. 

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