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Genevieve is an amazing mentor! She's been guiding me on my spiritual awakening, supporting me on every step of the way! She taught me how to work with my fears, clear negative energies, how to navigate my psychic abilities, and stand in my power. I appreciate your help, darling! You've been there for me when I really needed support. I am so grateful that I met you! I highly recommend Genevieve for anyone who needs a spiritual teacher, coach, and mentor!

~Maria Fomina

Milk Bath

Genevieve helped me choose the specific products I needed to make my skin look and feel great! She has in-depth knowledge and asks questions to really understand what your needs are, in a holistic way.  She is kind, patient, and caring and truly wants to help you feel your best!


~Risa Luján

Genevieve is an extraordinarily gifted healer and spiritual coach. She has a surprisingly keen intuition and deep inner knowing of spiritual patterns and blocks that are causing distress to her clients. She has an ability to bring those patterns, blocks, and energies to Light through Reiki so they can be embraced while working towards ultimately clearing and healing them all the way down to the root level. Her gift of skin care is heavenly.


She uses high quality; clean and natural products and she uses reiki during facials which multiplies the benefits and allows the healing to be multidimensional. This truly is the gift that allows her clients to bloom into their full soul self.


She transforms lives with her gifts and healing abilities that are deeply founded in genuine kindness, love, and compassion for her clients. She is doing amazing and much needed work for our planet! She is a devoted being of Light with a mystical connection with Father Mother God and higher energies who is on a great assignment to help people of all ages. I thank her for being in my life and for the endless blessings I have received through our connection.  

~Dr. Pontea Dianati

Milk and Flower Bath
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