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Exfoliation Mask

Exfoliation Mask


Wash away what’s weighing you down. Antioxidant-filled enzymes of pumpkin and pomegranate work together to relieve skin congestion, remove dead skin cells, and balance tone and texture. Unlike physical exfoliants, enzymes are a gentle and non-abrasive way to exfoliate the skin, revealing a brighter, smoother complexion. This is your essential oil-free, at-home Botnia facial in a jar. 

We harness the power of nature into the science of skincare. Every formula is expertly developed by herbalists, skincare scientists, and estheticians in our Sausalito lab and Botnia Atelier and carefully time-tested before it reaches your skin. Our botanicals are grown on local and organic farms, including our own micro-farm.


Soothing colloidal oatmeal proteins bind moisture to the skin, while pumpkin and pomegranate powders exfoliate and brighten. This trio of powders treats uneven skin tone and texture.


Oily or normal skin: Use equal parts powder mask and hydrosol


Dry or uneven skin: Use equal parts powder mask and goat’s milk/vegan yogurt or hydrosol




SKIN TYPE For most skin types, especially acne-prone and inflamed skin



Colloidal Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Flour, Colloidal Sulfur



Start with freshly cleansed skin. Dilute mask as directed below. Apply diluted mask solution as a spot treatment or to entire face and décolleté. Let sit for several minutes (avoid letting the mask dry on the skin), then rinse clean. Follow with your daily skincare routine. Never apply mask directly to skin without diluting first.Oily skin: Use equal parts powder mask and Botnia Essential Enzymes and/or Clarity OilDry or uneven skin: Use equal parts powder mask and Botnia Soothing Repair Mask and/or Clarity OilSensitive skin: Use equal parts powder mask and Botnia Essential Enzymes and/or Soothing Repair Mask and/or hydrosol


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