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Mucus Management and Why it Matters

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Mucus? I know what you're thinking — first: Ew. Second: Wait, mucus matters?

Yes! Mucus in our body is something most of us don’t ever think about. It has been the primary source of various medical issues for many — but without proper education, how are we supposed to know the negative effect it has on our body?

What is mucus?

Mucus is a substance created by tissue lining in the body that:

  1. Protects and moisturizes your organs including your respiratory and digestive tracts

  2. Traps foreign or harmful objects such as dust, bacteria, etc.

Mucus is good! And it is necessary! BUT not when it is excessive from a poor diet. Mucus forms within the body and has harmful consequences if not managed appropriately. It blocks our internal organs by coating them and prevents our body from functioning properly.

Mucus prevents vitamin absorption:

Excessive mucus keeps our body from absorbing vitamins and minerals that our body needs to function in a healthy way. So, imagine thinking that you've been adopting healthy habits like taking vitamin supplements daily or have been maintaining healthy eating — only find out that most of that is being wasted because your body is not even able to absorb it!

In addition to that, the foreign material that your mucus traps stays locked in layers — including dust and even bacteria! Due to this, it can affect our skin and overall health if we don’t manage mucus production. So how can you manage it? By eliminating certain foods and doing a mucus cleanse to rid your body of what has accumulated over the years.

How can I decrease mucus in my body?

That being said — eating a healthy diet and avoiding dairy and greasy foods is one of the best ways to eliminate the overproduction of mucus. There are several mucus cleanses on the market. One in particular that I have used and highly recommend is one called Skin Clarifier by Osmosis Beauty. I did 2 rounds of their 10-day cleanse and I felt incredible! My skin was glowing, I could breathe better, and I had a lot more energy once my cleanse was complete. Afterward, I decided to cut back a lot on certain foods (list to follow) and increase my water intake in order to maintain it.

If you have issues with digesting, skin issues, and low energy — I highly recommend giving a mucus cleanse a try. Below is a list of foods to stay away from and some foods to add to your pantry/recipes for proper mucus management.

Be moderate when eating these foods:

  1. All fried foods — You don't have to avoid it altogether, just be mindful and remember everything in moderation!

  2. Dairy — Do you ever notice the congestion after drinking milk?

  3. Refined sugar — Ugh, I know what you're thinking: Not my cookies! Yes, your cookies! But again, in moderation!

  4. Wheat products (gluten) — This includes bread, pasta, etc.

Foods that are great for decreasing/managing mucus in the body:

  1. Hot tea — I love hot tea in the mornings! It's very effective in liquifying mucus in the body that has been hardened.

  2. Water - Water is life! Drinking tons of water also detoxes the body and helps keep your skin vibrant!

  3. Greens and veggies — These will always, ALWAYS be medicine for the body no matter what condition you may have.

  4. Warm lemon water every morning — Also great for managing acids in the body for those with acid reflux.

  5. Garlic — An antimicrobial that is excellent for lung health. It is powerful to get rid of mucus in the lungs

  6. Celery — Yes, it is a super food and a super cleanser!

  7. Herbs — Such as parsley, cilantro, ginger, etc.

  8. Cayenne Pepper — Thins mucus in the body effectively.

  9. Pineapple — Not only are they delicious! They also have an enzyme called bromelain that breaks down the mucus.

It's totally understandable that taking changes in your routine and diet is a challenge but here's on way to help build that habit: Take one step at a time! Try first by adding one item on the list to your routine! My recommendation: Start with hot tea in the morning!

Why tea is the best first step to eliminating mucus

Starting with adding hot tea to your routine is a HUGE first step! Why? As mentioned above, the heat in the tea helps to liquify the solid mucus that has built up in your digestive and respiratory tract and the herbal properties in the tea go a step further!

A highly recommended tea for phlegm and digestion would be one that has cardamom. I drink tea three times a day — one in the morning during my routine, lunch, and right before bed. I also love how tea helps to relax me for bed. An added bonus is that the practice of drinking tea mentally motivates you! The thought of adding something good in your body motivates you to continue taking steps towards better health. It goes without saying that is medicine for your body and encourages you to stay on a healthy path.

If you have any questions about mucus and how you may be affected by mucus build up, book a consultation and I'll be happy to help you navigate through your wellness journey.

Love and Light,

Holistic Genevieve

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